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We see change all around us, but we're excited by change because while change brings challenges, it also brings opportunities to engineer a better world.

Trent Humphrys
Tyson Cooney

Founded in Toowoomba QLD,  JURRA may be a small company, but it draws on extensive experience in mechanical & process design, certified welding and construction management. The founders have a proven track record in bespoke product development across many industries and enjoy the challenge of providing solutions for their client base to ensure the success of everyone from multinational corporations to innovative local startups.

JURRA are registered professional engineers and certified tradespeople who can bring together the theory and the practical to make sure you get the best outcome for your project.


Our experience includes design and construction in the industries of:

  • Hydrogen Equipment and product concepts

    • Heat exchangers - Compact and Tube

    • Buffer and Storage tanks

    • Staged compressor units

    • Tube Trailers 

    • Process piping

    • Fuel station barrier fencing

    • Base frames and storage skids


  • Water treatment

    • Reverse osmosis water treatment plants for regional councils and coal mines

    • Chemical dosing skids

    • Solids separation systems, both mechanical and chemical

  • Renewable Energy 

    • Modular energy storage systems

    • Solar Panel frames

    • Static structural storage skids

  • Oil and gas

    • Transport equipment

    • Gas/liquid/solids separation equipment

    • Monitoring and data acquisition units for monitoring flow and gas composition

    • Flare systems

    • Blooey line and Flare line packages

    • Hammer union cross overs and subs

    • Agitation and mixing systems

  • Minerals

    • Drilling rigs

  • Sustainable agriculture

    • Machinery for sustainable land remediation and pasture improvement

  • General Fabrication

    • Skids, Frames, Tanks, Bins

    • SP and GP welding 

Trent Humphrys (Founder/Director)

Phone: +61 409 634 728



Tyson Cooney (Founder/Director) B.Eng (ME) RPEQ

Phone: +61 409 856 389


We look forward to hearing from you

 Address. 362 Anzac Avenue Toowoomba, QLD 4350

Tel. +61 409 634 728

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